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2620 Bellevue Way NE #200

Bellevue WA 98004 email: info at helpfromoutside dot com

Phone: 206.486.6042

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Our Mission

Because we have loved ones that have been incarcerated, we have a passion for those who are, and know that taking care of basic services can be difficult. That’s why HFO was created. Our mission is to help you achieve what you need to do outside, that you simply can’t for yourself.

Get Started

Just complete our Confidential Application and Management Form form; return it with your deposit. We can then begin working to make your life a little easier.

How HFO Works

The first step is to mail a completed application and a minimum deposit of $200 to HFO. Once approved, we will establish a legitimate FDIC insured business sub-account with our banking partner, Wells Fargo. HFO will manage this account on our client’s behalf. A minimum balance of $50 is required in order to keep your account active. Please allow up to 14 days from receipt of your paperwork for your account to be activated. HFO accepts payment by check, cash, credit card or PayPal.

HFO monthly service fee of $4.00 covers the cost of your account. Wells Fargo may impose additional fees which will be passed on to you. This account is non-interest bearing and will serve as your HFO services account and HFO will deduct costs for services used through HFO.

You can also give HFO power of attorney to manage existing bank and/or credit card accounts on your behalf. Investment account management is not available at this time.

A Power of Attorney is often required in order to legally act on your behalf. Our POA is broadly written to cover various business scenarios. We will mail you a POA if we feel it is necessary to help you with the service you require or if you request one. Access codes and other pertinent account information will not be provided to you or others.

Your account will close only when HFO’s service account closes, and does not transfer to you if/when you discontinue work with us or upon your release.